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Cherry Rocking Chair, very good condition - $495
Click on picture for more information.Chatham AntiquesChatham, MA
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The Watch Enthusiast #2-4 July 2005
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March 2005 Watch Enthusiast
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Watch Enthusiast Newsletter: October 2004
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The Watch Enthusiast #2-1 September 2004
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The Watch Enthusiast #11 June 2004
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The Watch Enthusiast #10 May 2004
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The Collectors Newsletter #403 March 2006
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The Collectors Newsletter #390 January 2006
The Collectors Newsletter #390 January...
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1919 License Plate 38.99
License plate is in Packer colors (green background, yellow letters). Plate has worn spots and some rust on back. Most rust was sanded off and entire license plate is waxed. Looks great.
Great for collectors.
5'H X 12 3/4'L
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A & W Custard Sign 494.99
This old handpainted Custard Sign came from an A & W.
Sign is handpainted with the A & W orange background black letters with white outlining. This is a must for all sign collectors since you won't find one like this ever again. Came from Central Wisco
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Carnation Sign 134.99
Wonderful, old handpainted metal sign is a must for sign collectors.
On the bottom corner it says 'A m, Inc Lynchburg, Va 5 83'. Don't know how old this is, but I feel there is some age to it. The 'Carnation Feeds', and border are in red, and someb
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Faunee Clothes Sign 74.99
2 sided Faunee for Clothes Sign is a real find.
Sign says 'Faunce for Clothes St Louis' Small letters 'g.e. Erickson Inc. Des Moines Ia.' Great for sign collectors. Does have some rust, scratches, dents etc. which adds character. 6'H x 24' L $7
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Hiland Potatoe Chip Sign 79.99
Unusual metal Hiland Potatoe Chip Sign is a must for sign collectors.
Sign has embossed lettering, and a picture of a Scotish male and female in their kilts, and he is playing his bagpipes. Top and bottom of back have metal tabs to attach to basket. Ba
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Miniature Porch Swing 74.99
We think this is a Salesman Sample of a porch swing.
You can tell it is very old, made of Oak and cute as a button. Has 4 small old metal hooks on arms to hang chain by. This is a real find. A must for collectors. I wonder if Barbie and Ken would fit o
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Old Handmade Box 59.99
Very old, handmade box is a must for box collectors.
Lookslike a redish brown paint on parts of wood. Some pieces have most of paint rubbed off, and box is finished with a was finish. Very old metal handle and latch.
Inside of box has 2 pieces of wo
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Old Trap 79.99
This very old trap is a must for collectors, or someone who wants something different.
Trap is made of white metal which is rusty, and has a handle on top for carring. On one end is a door that opens to let animal out, and other end has hole to let cat
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Sign Makers Print Set 49.99
Great, old, hard to find Sign Makers Print Set is a great collectors item.
Kit includes old wood box, 75 wood handled letters, and very old Superior Universal Rubber Stamp Ink pad. Box alone is worth money, and the inside of top has stamped letters (wh
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Cherry Corner
Cute little corner in the store that is filled to the brim with cherry items.
Whether you have a red kitchen, collect cherry items, or just want a little rememberence of the good time you had at Cherry Hill Antiques, we have it. There is cherry cookie
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Cherry Hill Antiques Clothing 11.95
Cherry Hill Antiques T shirts. Comes in red or white. Both have embroidered Cherry Hill Antiques, under that is cherries, and under that is Arcadia, Fl. White T shirts have a clump of 5 cherries and leaves, and the red T shirts have 3 small bunches. Each
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Cherry Pitcher 39.99
Very unique ceramic pitcher looks very handmade with 5 cherries on it. Very 3 demonsional.
Pitcher itself looks like a piece of log with a handle which looks like branches. There are 14 spots on pitcher that look like the bark is splitting away, and t
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Cherry Vase 59.99
Very unique ceramic pot or vase looks very handmade and has 6 cherries on it, which is very 3 demonsional.
Vase/pot itself looks like a piece of log with handles which look like branches. There are 6 spots on vase/pot that look like the bark is splitti
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Cherry Wall Pocket 39.99
Very unique ceramic pitcher looks very handmade with 6 cherries on it. Very 3 demonsional.
Pitcher itself looks like a piece of log. There is 7 spots on pitcher that look like the bark is splitting away and the whitish wood is showing through. Mark on
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Girl Cookie Jar Ornament 9.99
Cute as a button little girl cookie jar ornament is a must for all retro collectors.
Made out of glass by Midwest are handpainted, and a quality product. Even has a string to hang from tree. Looks great on any color tree.
4'H X 2 1/2' diameterread more:

Odyssy Photography Book 34.99
This is a fantastic photography book 'The Art Of Photography At National Geographic' is a must for book collectors, and photographers.
Has a dust cover which is very good shape and hardcover (which is a linen type) is in perfect shape, and was publi
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One Of Many Great Booths
We have many fine dealers, which carry many styles and prices of furniture, glasssware, linens, vintage clothing, and so much more I can't list it all. Some of the glassware Cherry Hill dealers carry is Royal Doulton, Fenton, Imperial, Fritz and Floyd, H
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Cherry Place Mats 19.99
These 5 handmade Cherry Placemats are sure to cheer up your kitchen. They are reversible with a solid dark blue on back, dark blue with red cherries and green leaves on front. Use 4 placemats and one for center of table.
Made by Soft Sculpture Designer and Artist Lois Washicheck and are in an oval shape. Great quality.
About 13``H X 16 1/2``L
Set of 5 only $19.99
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Granny Greenthumbs 49.99
Fun and unique Granny Greenthumbs Soft Sculputre Doll is all handmade and adorable.
Granny Greenthumbs has a hook on her back so you can hang her from wall, (hang so her feet hit floor looks like she is standing), or she can sit on shelf or chair.
This whimsical doll is the creation of Soft Sculpture Artist and Designer Lois Washicheck. Granny is wearing leg warmers, painted boots, green dress, cherry print apron with small bee cone pin, a straw hat with flowers and feather butterfly, and a lady bug. The straw hat looks wonderful sitting on top of her white cotton hair. Her face is finished off with a pair of glasses. She was picking cherries in the Cherry Hill Antiques fields so she has a basket full of cherries on one arm, and her white work gloves on other arm. In her hand is a pink feather butterfly, and a ``No Crows Allowed`` sign hanging from her thumb.
She is a must for any house or office. Fantastic sewing on her.
About 33``H $49.99
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Handmade Fishing Santa 49.99
Wonderful handmade soft sculpture Fishing Santa is a must for all Santa collectors.
Handmade by Soft Sculpture Artist and Designer Lois Washicheck for the Famous ``Marc Art`` collection.
Santa`s suit is made from red corduroy, his black boots from fabric, wool beard, bag full of gifts, bucket full of fish and a twinkle in his eyes. Under one arm he has a bag full of toys, fabric candy canes, and small evergreen tree, under the other he is holding a large fabric fish. Sitting next to him is a metal bucket with seashells, fabric fish, bobber, and small fishing pole in it. Santa is weighted so he can sit on bench, stool, shelf or in childs chair. Looks so cute.
Tag says ``Santa paused on his mission. Santa is not child proof and is a decorating accessory.``
about 34`` (laying down).
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Red Barn Painting 224.99
Fantastic Red Barn painting. Original oil painting by Ralph Washicheck painted on stretched canvas, 28``h x 22``w. Ralph Washicheck is an exceptional painter who studied under Owen Gromme, world famous wildlife artist. Ralph has sold his paintings throughout the United States, and has won many awards in Fine Arts shows. Ralph is also known as one of the best at restoration of valuable old paintings. He has restored dozens of paintings which were bought by art collectors. He has painted many different subjects (portraits, still lifes, wildlife, etc.), but he truly enjoys painting wildlife the most. Ralph loves to paint exotic wildlife so he can share the beauty of these animals with people who may never see them in person.
Shows red barn in winter, tractor tracks in snow, hay in barn, corn stalks still in field, broken windows in barn, part of a wood fence, and evergreen bush covered with snow. Detail is unbelievable. So life like you`ll need to put your winter coat on. Painting was undercoated in oil paint first then another coat which adds the real colors, details and shadow. Most think painting is finished with just undercoating.
Artist biography will be sent with every painting. $224.99
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Santa House Set 19.99
Adorable handpainted Santa House set is a must for all Christmas collectors.andlt;BRandgt;Handpainted by Folk Art Designer and Folk Artist Marc Washicheck for his Famous 'Marc Art' Collection and is signed and dated.andlt;BRandgt;Cut out of Northern Pine (which is denser than southern pine) in 5 different shapes and is finished on backs. Pattern is painted on front and sides and back is painted the house color. Each house has a Santa painted on front and a letter. When placed together they spell SANTA. Spackled with black paint for the aged look. Soooo Cute.andlt;BRandgt;S 2 1/2'H X 2 3/4'Wandlt;BRandgt;A 3'H X 2 3/4'Wandlt;BRandgt;N 4'H X 2'Wandlt;BRandgt;T 3 3/4'H X 2 1/2'Wandlt;BRandgt;A 31/4'H X 2 1/2'Wandlt;BRandgt; All houses are 3/4'Dandlt;BRandgt;$19.99 5 pieces
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Siberian Tiger Oil Painting 294.99
Wonderful Framed original Siberian Tiger oil painting by Ralph Washicheck.
Ralph Washicheck is an exceptional painter who studied under world famous wildlife artist, Owen Gromme. Ralph has sold his paintings throughout the United States, and has won many awards in Fine Arts shows. Ralph is also known as one of the best at restoration of valuable old paintings. He has restored dozens of paintings which were bought by art collectors. He has painted many different subjects (portraits, still lifes, wildlife, etc.), but he truly enjoys painting wildlife the most. Ralph loves to paint exotic wildlife so he can share the beauty of these animals with people who may never see them in person.
Siberian Tigers are the largest of all cats and grow to be 9 ft from tip of tail to nose. Can weigh 500 700 lbs, and there are fewer than 5000 left in wild. They are located in Siberia, parts of China, and Korea.
Ralph (73) started painting at age of 12 on a bedsheet (which he still has). He is a professional restorer for oil paintings, and has painted everything from still lifes to portraits to wildlife to sceneries. His favorite painter is Andrew Wyeth. Ralph loves to paint wildlife to show people how beautiful these animals are in hopes people will stop hunting them. Artist biography will be sent with every painting.
Painting was undercoated in oil paint first than another coat which adds the real colors, details and shadows. Most people think painting is finished with just undercoating. Frame is gold with blue strip in middle of frame. 32`` X 23 1/2``
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Woodgatherer 89.99
This is a must for Santa collectors. Made from a solid piece of 2 inch hardwood (no glueing), and is hand painted black on all sides with special textured beard and hair, button nose, shading, and antiqued for aged look. Woodgather has sticks, greens, pinecones, and statice on his back. Could also be painted barn red. Santa is 19``H x 11``W. Stands on solid 2`` hardwood stained base 13``L x 5``W. Pattern painted on all sides. Big enough to show off on floor or sit on a shelf. Signed and dated.
Quantity 1 $89.99 ea.
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1930 Cranberry Lamp 349.99
Beautiful hard to find 1930`s Cranberry Lamp with White glass shade, came from a Western Pennsylvania Farm Family, and was in their possession since it was originally purchased. The Lamp and Shade are in wonderful condition [small flaws on the base], but is not a crack. It was in the makeing of it. A real collectors item. 21``H X 10`` diameter
Great price $349.99
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Blue Handled Tray, Salt and Pepper 109,99
This Depression Era Light Colbalt Blue Salt and Pepper with Handled Tray is a must for Depression glass collectors, Salt and Pepper collectors, or Colbalt blue collectors.
All are in excellent condition and have their original lids. There is a mold flaw on one shakers insides, but not a chip.
Tray about 6``H X 2 3/4``L X 5``W
Great price at $109.99
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Boy And Wheelbarrow Salt And Pepper 13.99
These cute boy pushing wheelbarrow salt and pepper shakers are a must for collectors.
Both pieces are stamped on bottom ``Japan`` and both have the cork stoppers. I think there is only 1 wear mark on his black hat, but it could be in the finish itself. There are some other marks, but they are in the finish under the glaze.
Boy 3 3/4``H X 1 1/4``W X 1``D
Wheelbarrow 2``H X 3``W X 1 1/8``D
$13.99 set
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Depression Era Fish Bowl 264.99
This large green Art Deco Depression Fish Bowl is very rare.
The owners of the Fish Bowl have seen only 1 other one in more than a dozen years of purchasing glass.
The bowl is in fantastic condition with one minor ``flake`` or ``fleabite`` on rim. It is hardly noticeable. The Fish Bowl is pictured in Hazel Marie Weatherman`s Book on Depression Glass.
This is a must for Depression Glass collectors. Have your guest guess what it is. Most people think it is a globe for a street light.
about 11 1/2``H X 10`` diameter
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Dotted Pitcher 19.99
Colorful, fun Water Pitcher from the 50`s is decorated with Polka Dots on a white grid. Glass is clear, some Polka Dot colors are a little faded, but are still colorful. Colors are great when you consider how many times this pitcher has been used. A must for collectors.
about 9 1/2``H XC 7``L X 6``W
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Green Avacado Cake Plate 79.99
Green Avacado Depression Glass is one of the most sought after Depression Glass patterns. Cherry Hill Antiques has a large selection of this beautiful and rare glass pattern.
Green Avacodo was made by the Indiana Glass Company from 1923 1933. Some of the most diffcult pieces to locate include a 7 1/2`` Salad Bowl, the 9 1/2`` Salad Bowl, and the 3 footed Relish Dish. Cherry Hill Antiques has them.
This light green colored Avacado sets a beautiful table, and is gorgeous displayed in a lighted cabinet. Will also look great in a Shabby Chic or Cottage Style home.

This beautiful cake plate has 2 handles, and will look great with a cake on it, or on display in cabinet. This is a very rare piece.
Excellent condition, no chips, cracks, or repairs.
12`` diameter
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Hull Bean Pot 24.99
Hull brown bean pot is a must for Hull collectors.
Mark on bottom ``hull (copyright sign) oven proof, U.S.A.`` It is in perfect condition no chips, cracks, or repairs.
about 6 1/2``H X 7 1/2`` diameter (handle to handle).
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Midnight Blue Cambridge Caprice Bowl 124.99
I think this is a cupped salad bowl, and was made by Cambridge Glass Co, 1901 1957. The pattern Caprice looks like the ripples after a pebble is dropped into water. Very soft, very elegant. Bowl has 4 small feet to stand on, and has a few scratches, but hard to see unless holding up to light. Cherry Hill carries many pieces of Midnight Blue Caprice. I`s my favorite , so I really watch for it. I display all my Midnight Blue Caprice in front case and everyone (women and men) stop and comment on it`s beauty. Have only seen a few of these across the U.S and most have been around $300.00 3 1/2``H X 12 3/4``Diameter Steal at $124.99
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Midnight Blue Caprice Tumblers 79.99
These hard to find Cambridge Cparice Midnight Blue Water Tumblers are breath taking.
Made by Cambridge Glass Co., between 1901 1957 and are rare. It is even rarer to find 6 of these beauties at one time. The pattern Caprice looks like the ripples after a pebbles is dropped into water. I have never seen these before. All 6 are in perfect condition, no flea bites, repairs or scratches, etc. Cherry Hill carries many pieces of Cambridge Caprice in Midnight Blue. If you collect this better buy them all, you won`t find this many again in one place. 6 3/4``H X 3``Diameter
6 available
$79.99 ea
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Royal Doulton ``Autumn Breezes`` 324.99
This beautiful young lady was designed by L. Harradine.
``Autumn Breeze`` has a cute face with her rosey cheeks, red lips and blondish hair. Her hat is black on outside with a redish ribbon, gray feather, and inside is green which matches her blouse. Her dress is pinkish and in some parts towards bottom goes to blueish, greenish colors. ``Autumn Breeze`` is in perfect condition, and a must for all collectors, and were made between 1939 1976.
Mark on bottom is the usual Royal Doulton mark (crown and lion), also ``Autumn Breezes, RaNo 835666, HH.1911`` 7 1/2``H X 6``L X 4 1/2``D. 1 available
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Royal Doulton ``Winston Churchill`` 549.99
Wonderful Limited Addition ``Winston Churchill`` is a must for all collectors.
Designed by A. Maslankowski in 1993 and is a limited edition 1973 out of 5000, and is in perfect condition, also includes certificate of authenticity and original box. Box is in good shape except someone wrote ``XMAS`` in black magic marker.
Mr. Churchill is wearing his black overcoat, black hat with gray band, gray scarf, and black bow tie with white polka dots. Coat is shiney black, white you see in picture is the lights reflecting. He is also wearing gray pants with black strips and black boots. He is walking (with help of his cane) on what looks like pile of bricks, wood and rubble. A few of the bricks have a slight redish color to them.
Mark on bottom is typical Royal Doulton mark (crown with lion), also ``Winston S. Churchill, HN 3433, Limited Editon of 5000, This is No 1973, Modelled by A Maslankowski, copyright 1992 Royal Doulton``. 1 available
12``H X 5 3/4``L X 4 3/4``D
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Royal Doulton Sign 24.99
This sign is a must for all collectors.
Sign says ``ROYAL DOULTON International Collectors Club Member``. Sign is White Bone China (I think), with gold letters.
2``H X 3 3/4``L X 1 1/2``D. 1 available $24.99
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Swan Pitcher Set 31.99
Wonderful glass pitcher and 2 glasses have a Swan scene on them.
Top portion of graphics is Cattails, Swan, Baby Swans, and water ripples which are in white. Bottom portion are green Water Lilies, and water ripples. Glass is very clear, graphic colors are still bright and vibrent. No chips, cracks, or repairs. I think these are from the 40``s to early 50``.
Would look grat in any room, but fantastic in a Shabby Chic or Cottage Style rooms. Wonderful for pitcher collectors.
Pitcher about 7 3/4``H X 6``L (to tip of handle) X 4 1/2``W
Glasses about 3 1/2``H X 2``Diameter
$31.99 set of 3
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Yellow Flowered Pitcher Set 22.99
Great 50`s style pitcher and 2 glasses, which have bright yellow flowers on them with aqua leaves. Colors are still bright and cheery, and glass is clear.
There aren`t any marks on bottom of the 3 pieces. Shape of glass is interesting glass is smaller at bottom than at top. Great for anyone with yellow or aqua kitchen, retro kitchens, or collectors of 40`s 50`s pitchers. Pitcher is about 9 1/2``H x 7``W (including handle),x 5 1/2``D. Glasses about 5``H x 2 3/4`` Diameter Pitcher only $22.99 Glasses $5.00 ea
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Yellow Striped Cocktail Shaker 44.99
This fiestive retro Cocktail Shaker has bright yellow strips. Cocktail Shakers are a very popular collectors item, and are selling for huge prices. Has aluminum cover, and even has small screw on cap. Many Cocktail Shakers are missing the screw on caps, due to theft. This looks great in bar, a yellow room, or in a Cocktail Shaker collection. Colors still bright, not faded. Glass doesn`t have any chips, cracks, or repairs, and top just has some scratches which is normal for it`s age. It is in very good shape.
about 9 1/2``H X 3 1/2`` Diameter
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