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The feeds below come from all over the world wide web as well as products from Cherry Hill Antiques. Feel free to read them but click the links above to see all of Cherry Hill Antiques.

Toile Cup/Saucer or Teapot Ornaments 2.99
These ornaments are decorated with the hottest design Toile. Each cup/saucer or teapot comes in 4 colors.
They are made of ivory porcelain, and come in 4 colors burgundy, blue, black and green. Each are edged in gold and have gold cord hangers making
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Coca Cola Ornaments 8.95
If you like Coke you'll love these new ornaments. Both are very realistic, fun and a must to have. Very well made. Red Coke cooler has little bottles in what look like ice. Wood looking Coke carrier has realistic bottles and even a handle which can be rai
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Coffee Pot Ornaments 5
Wonderful mini wood coffee pots will make you crave a cup of coffee.
Body made of wood, handle is metal and lid is made of Resin, and are made by Midwest. Both are handpainted. So darn cute. Looks great on retro tree. We carry about 20 different retro
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Cookie Cutters/ Ornaments 16
These very beautiful cookie cutters ornaments are made from copper.
They can actually be used to make cookies, hang on tree by there pretty gold cord, or use as napkin holders. All cutters have copper ring on top to hang by.
To make your holiday g
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Flamingo Ornament 8.75
Great Flamingo ornament is a must for every tree. He is holding a Christmas stocking which has gifts coming out of the top. This is our best selling ornament.
To get him in Christmas spirit he also has on a hat with a pom pom. Made of resin and is sign
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Glass Heart Ornament 3.75
This beautiful Ruby red glass heart ornament would be a wonderful gift for Christmas or Valentines Day.
Made by Midwest out of ruby red glass, and even has an elegant silver string to hang with. Looks wonderful hanging on a window, or a Christmas tree.
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Gold Tassel Santa Ornament 12.5
Adorable gold Santa with gold lame' hat and suit, porcelean face, and a gold tassel hanging down. One hand holding a Christmas tree and small teddy bear.
This Santa is about 13' long and can be hung on tree, peg of shelf or even doordknob. Just adorab
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Jubilee Rose Tea Ornaments 2.99
Fun, unique cup and saucer, or teapot ornaments are made from porcelain, and aare adorable. Each cup and saucer or teapot comes in 4 colors background and flowers.
You can get either cup/saucer or teapot in yellow with pink roses, light blue with pink
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Metal Flamingo Ornaments 8.95
Cute, cute, cute are the best words to describe these fun ornaments. Both flamingos are painted metal and have a gold thread to hang by. Great on tree but wonderful as package topper.
Flamingo with package is about 6'H x 5'W, Flamingo with tree is ab
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Mini Iron Ornaments 3.5
Cute old fashion mini Iron Ornament is so cute. Give to someone who hates to iron or anyone who likes retro. This new ornament is made by Midwest out of tin, and has red accent painted on trim. Has wood handle, and tin body for the authintic look.
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Mini Pitcher Ornaments 8.99
Cute glass pitchers are miniature reproduction of Fiesta pitchers.
They are new, made by Midwest, high quality, and even include a string to hang by. Looks great on tree or on shelf. Comes in light green and orange. The light green pitcher is ribbed, a
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Mini Telephone Ornaments 6.5
Adorable old time telephone ornaments look wonderful on tree or shelf.
Made by Midwest which always means quality. Phone body is made from resin, is handpainted and cord is made from wire. Comes in green, red, and blue, and has string to hang with. Soo
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Pickle Ornament 4.5
Great glass pickle ornaments help keep old German Christmas tradition alive. Every house needs a pickle ornament to hide in their Christmas tree.
The pickle is a German symbol of good luck. Traditionally, German parents decorated the tree on Christmas
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Picture of Year round Christmas Room
This wonderful, peaceful, year round Christmas room has hundreds of Special Ornaments for Special People. All are new, high quality, and very affordable.
Just received a shipment of new ornaments which include Teddy Bears, Gingerbread Men, Pink Flami
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Retro Clock Ornament 7.5
These retro clock ornament will take you back in time.
Reproduction miniture vintage look clock ornaments are made by Midwest and come in theree colors. These vintage colors are light green, red, and light yellow. They are so much fun. Clocks come as s
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Retro Colander Ornaments 4.75
Cute miniature Colander Ornaments come in 2 accent colors, GREEN and RED.
Made by Midwest (so it's high quality) out of painted tin. Handles are made of wood and have a paint fleabite here and there which gives authentic look.
Makes a great gift fo
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Retro Flour Sifter Ornaments 4.75
These cute miniature Retro Flour Sifter ornaments are a must for anyone who loves retro.
They even have a paint fleabite here and there, and a wood handle which gives it an authentic look. They are made by Midwest out of painted tin and has working han
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Syrup Pitcher Ornaments 8.99
These syrup pitcher ornaments are a must for retro trees.
Would look great on tree or sitting on shelf. Made by Midwest of resin comes in 2 colors, and 2 sizes. Both have string for hanging. Syrup pitchers come as shown, cannot pick color and more:

A room in the shop.
This is one of the rooms that are in the shop. There is a blue, red, yellow room, man's room, Shabby Chic room, and Christmas room, along with about 10 booths in 4800 square feet of wonderful and unique antiques, collectibles, and some gifts. Just enough gifts as to enhance the antiques not detract from the antiques.
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Christmas Tavern Sign 72.99
This sign is the classic Tavern sign with a fun twist. Happy Holiday`s, 3 snowpeople, evergreens, pinecones, and checkerboards painted on it. So much fun.
Painted by Folk Art Designer and Artist Marc Washicheck for his Famous ``Marc Art`` collection.
Made from the finest Northern pine and built to last. It has 3 snowpeople (one women, 2 men, women has broom). Matches Snow people painted window. Happy Holidays and checkerboard is in off white. Both snowmen have green vests, one has red scarf and black derby, the other has red hat and mittens. The snow lady has red scarf and mittens, green hat and is holding a broom. There are small painted evergreen branches with pinecones around Happy Holidays. Top has barn red stripe on it. Lots of shading and spackled with white for the feeling of snow. The look is finished off with sisal rope to hang sign. Sign can be hung in any room or outside on porch or patio. Sign are 25`` h x 20``w (widest part top). With rope hangs about 31`` total.
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Dancer 19.99
Adorable ``Dancer`` the reindeer which is one of three in the set.
Made by Folk Artist and Folk Art Designer Marc Washicheck for his Famous ``Marc Art`` collection, and is highly collectible.
Dancer is dancing (of coarse) with little wood gifts hanging from curled metal wire. Hanging off his atlers is a string of Christmas tree lights. Dancer is a dark brown, red button nose, rosey cheeks, cloth bow around neck, and a green, white and red gift. Dancer is very 3 demensional. Also available; Blitzen, and Donner.
Dance is about 11 1/2``H X 6 1/2``W X 3 3/4``Diameter (base).
$19.99 ea
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Donner 19.99
Donner is the third in the series of three handpainted wood reindeer.
Donner is sitting with legs apart playing his drum. He has a drum stick in each hand, and is a light brown color. Donner also has a string of Christmas tree lights in his atlers and a cloth bow around his neck. Donner is painted on front and stained wood on sides and back, with a wood button nose, rosey cheeks, and a big smile. Also available Dancer, and Blitzen.
Made by Folk Artist and Folk Art Designer Marc Washicheck for his Famous ``Marc Art`` collection.
8 3/4``H X 8 1/4``L $19.99
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Handmade Gingerbread Couple 29.99
Adorable handmade Gingerbread couple is a must for all Christmas decorating.
Handmade by Soft Sculpture Artist and Designer Lois Washicheck for the Famous ``Marc Art`` Collection. They are not child proof and are for decorative use only.
Gingerbread people and their clothing are all handmade. Mr is holding a beater, and Mrs is holding a rolling pin. They are all ready to go to work with there big grins, and proper clothing. He has his chef hat on, and she has her bloomers and apron (with pocket) on. Their clothing is a plaid with small gingerbread pattern. Cute as a button.
Mr Gingerbread about 20``L (laying down)
Mrs Gingerbread about 16``l (laying down).
$29.99 ea
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Santa House Set 19.99
Adorable handpainted Santa House set is a must for all Christmas collectors.andlt;BRandgt;Handpainted by Folk Art Designer and Folk Artist Marc Washicheck for his Famous 'Marc Art' Collection and is signed and dated.andlt;BRandgt;Cut out of Northern Pine (which is denser than southern pine) in 5 different shapes and is finished on backs. Pattern is painted on front and sides and back is painted the house color. Each house has a Santa painted on front and a letter. When placed together they spell SANTA. Spackled with black paint for the aged look. Soooo Cute.andlt;BRandgt;S 2 1/2'H X 2 3/4'Wandlt;BRandgt;A 3'H X 2 3/4'Wandlt;BRandgt;N 4'H X 2'Wandlt;BRandgt;T 3 3/4'H X 2 1/2'Wandlt;BRandgt;A 31/4'H X 2 1/2'Wandlt;BRandgt; All houses are 3/4'Dandlt;BRandgt;$19.99 5 pieces
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Mini Iron Ornaments 3.49
Cute old fashion mini Iron Ornament is so cute. Give to someone who hates to iron or anyone who likes retro. This new ornament is made by Midwest out of tin, and has red accent painted on trim. Has wood handle, and tin body for the authintic look.andlt;BRandgt; about 1 1/8'H X 1 3/4'L X 1'Wandlt;BRandgt;5 available $3.49 ea
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Glass Ceiling Light Shade 24.99
Wonderful glass Ceiling Light Glass Shades can be used in many ways.
Majority of shade is an off white color with a clear glass design around shade, a clear glass border, and clear glass balls which circle the shade. Almost looks like Candlewick. There is a hole in bottom which is where it attaches to ceiling light, and a star design in clear glass around the hole.
Shade can be used as a bowl for fruit, colored glass balls, seashells, you name it. Turn it over and use as pedestal for a statue, or piece of glassware you would like to display. Put a small night light or a small string of Christmas tree lights under bowl to really add interest.
All are in great shape, no cracks, chips or repairs.
5 glass shades available
Beaded pears pictured $6.25 each 5 available
Shades about 4 1/2``H X 10 1/2`` Diameter
$24.99 ea
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Jailed kitchen guru takes a swipe at prison food
MARTHA Stewart, the jailed US domestic guru, called for sentencing reform and took a swipe at the 'bad food' in prison in a Christmas message posted on her website yesterday.
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