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The feeds below come from all over the world wide web as well as products from Cherry Hill Antiques. Feel free to read them but click the links above to see all of Cherry Hill Antiques.

Wall Clock - Sweden - Early 20th Century - $575
Click on picture for more info.Avolli Scandinavian AntiquesLewisron, ME
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Rococo Style Clock - Sweden - Late 19th Century

Avolli Scandinavian AntiquesLewisron, ME
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Painted Burl Bowl - first half of 19th century - $1,195

A dramatically steep carved bowl retaining original stencil art in red and black of partridges and acanthus clusters. An early white wash is preserved on the interior surface. The thinness of its carving, as well as the painted exterior make this a wonderful example of 'fancy' period decoration.Coffman's Antique Market
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Antique Gustavian Dining Table - Sweden- Late 18th Century
Avolli Scandinavian AntiquesLewiston, ME, USA
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Deco Mirror 394.99
Fantastic Deco Mirror is etched and has sides that come up. Is in wonderful condition.
Will look great in Art Deco home, Retro home,an office or almost any foyer. Will look the best in a Shabby Chic room.
You won`t find another one like this.
36``H X 50``L X 2 1/2``D
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Clock Cookie Jar Ornament 9.99
These fun mini retro looking cookie jar ornament are a must for any tree.
Made out of glass and are handpainted, they are miniture replicas of vintage cookie jars, and include string to hang by. Look great on a white tree, but adorable on any tree. Ma
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Coffee Pot Ornaments 5
Wonderful mini wood coffee pots will make you crave a cup of coffee.
Body made of wood, handle is metal and lid is made of Resin, and are made by Midwest. Both are handpainted. So darn cute. Looks great on retro tree. We carry about 20 different retro
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Girl Cookie Jar Ornament 9.99
Cute as a button little girl cookie jar ornament is a must for all retro collectors.
Made out of glass by Midwest are handpainted, and a quality product. Even has a string to hang from tree. Looks great on any color tree.
4'H X 2 1/2' diameterread more:

Merle Norman Plastic Purse 44.99
This great Merle Norman Plastic Purse is dated 1976, and great for the retro look.
Off white top has picture of 3 almost nude women on it, and handle splits in two, and drops to sides when opening. In wonderful condition to use, or just for show. Ther
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Mini Iron Ornaments 3.5
Cute old fashion mini Iron Ornament is so cute. Give to someone who hates to iron or anyone who likes retro. This new ornament is made by Midwest out of tin, and has red accent painted on trim. Has wood handle, and tin body for the authintic look.
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Our Times Book 49.99
'Our Times The Illustrated History of The 20th Centery 'is a great look at our lives.
The dust cover says 'Our Times' is the most comprehensive and ambitous visual and textual account of our century ever produced. Publushed in 1995, ISBN 1 878685
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Pig Cookie Jar Ornament 9.99
Adorable pig cookie jar ornament is just so darn cute.
Made to look like a vintage cookie jar by Midwest, made of glass and includes string for hanging. Great for anyone collecting retro items or a great beginning for a retro tree.
3 3/4'H X 2 1/4'
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Retro Clock Ornament 7.5
These retro clock ornament will take you back in time.
Reproduction miniture vintage look clock ornaments are made by Midwest and come in theree colors. These vintage colors are light green, red, and light yellow. They are so much fun. Clocks come as s
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Retro Colander Ornaments 4.75
Cute miniature Colander Ornaments come in 2 accent colors, GREEN and RED.
Made by Midwest (so it's high quality) out of painted tin. Handles are made of wood and have a paint fleabite here and there which gives authentic look.
Makes a great gift fo
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Retro Flour Sifter Ornaments 4.75
These cute miniature Retro Flour Sifter ornaments are a must for anyone who loves retro.
They even have a paint fleabite here and there, and a wood handle which gives it an authentic look. They are made by Midwest out of painted tin and has working han
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Retro Handmixer Ornament 4.75
Cute miniture Retro Handmixer Ornament comes with yellowish top, and either green, red or blue base.
Great for retro collector or even a cook. Top made of painted resin, beaters made of metal. Even has some small paint flaebites to add charater.
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Retro Metal Breadbox 49.99
Wonderful old metal Bread Box is so retro.
There is no maker name on breadbox. Sides and back are red, top and front are white with red and yellow flowers. Has scratches, dents, and worn spots, inside has some rust mostly in corners and bread box door
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Retro Pink Canisters 52.99
Wonderful, hard to find PINK kitchen canisters. Set includes Flour, Sugar, Cafe', and Tea. No markings on bottom. There is small amount of rust here and there on rim of bottom. Tops have some small rust spots on top (caused by Hurricane Charley). All can
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Retro Plastic Breadbox 49.99
Great plastic Breadbox from the 50's. Color is bright and vibrent. 'BREAD' used to be printed on front, but all that's left is part of the 'E'. If it was in perfect condition it would look like a reproduction.
Mark on bottom says 'Lustro ward Bre
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Syrup Pitcher Ornaments 8.99
These syrup pitcher ornaments are a must for retro trees.
Would look great on tree or sitting on shelf. Made by Midwest of resin comes in 2 colors, and 2 sizes. Both have string for hanging. Syrup pitchers come as shown, cannot pick color and more:

Mini Iron Ornaments 3.49
Cute old fashion mini Iron Ornament is so cute. Give to someone who hates to iron or anyone who likes retro. This new ornament is made by Midwest out of tin, and has red accent painted on trim. Has wood handle, and tin body for the authintic look.andlt;BRandgt; about 1 1/8'H X 1 3/4'L X 1'Wandlt;BRandgt;5 available $3.49 ea
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40`s/50`s Drinking Glasses 16.99
Stiking set of 6 retro glasses which have yellow flowers with black leaves and highlighting. No chips, cracks, repairs, and glass is very clear no film. Colors are still vibrant. These are great in retro room, yellow room, or green room. No mark on bottom. 5``H x 2 3/4`` widest part, top of glass. Set of 6 $19.99 Website sale only $16.99
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Rose Cocktail Shaker 39.99
Great Retro Cocktail Shaker has a rose motif on it.
Background pattern is a white grid with red roses in center. Colors are bright and vibrent, and doesn`t have any mark on bottom. Top is a shiney metal and includes the screw on cap. Glass is in perfect condition, but top has 2 small slits (1/2`` long)and (1/4`` long)on base of top, and has small crackling around pour spout.
10``H X 3 3/4`` Diameter
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Yellow Flowered Pitcher Set 22.99
Great 50`s style pitcher and 2 glasses, which have bright yellow flowers on them with aqua leaves. Colors are still bright and cheery, and glass is clear.
There aren`t any marks on bottom of the 3 pieces. Shape of glass is interesting glass is smaller at bottom than at top. Great for anyone with yellow or aqua kitchen, retro kitchens, or collectors of 40`s 50`s pitchers. Pitcher is about 9 1/2``H x 7``W (including handle),x 5 1/2``D. Glasses about 5``H x 2 3/4`` Diameter Pitcher only $22.99 Glasses $5.00 ea
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Yellow Striped Cocktail Shaker 44.99
This fiestive retro Cocktail Shaker has bright yellow strips. Cocktail Shakers are a very popular collectors item, and are selling for huge prices. Has aluminum cover, and even has small screw on cap. Many Cocktail Shakers are missing the screw on caps, due to theft. This looks great in bar, a yellow room, or in a Cocktail Shaker collection. Colors still bright, not faded. Glass doesn`t have any chips, cracks, or repairs, and top just has some scratches which is normal for it`s age. It is in very good shape.
about 9 1/2``H X 3 1/2`` Diameter
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Rose Medalion Creamer - 19th Century
Click here for price and for more info.
Coffman's Antiques Market
Great Barrington, MA

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