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Adorable White Desk 174.99
I`m not sure if this is a small desk or a table, but it has one drawer in middle and is adorable.
Has great white paint for that Shabby Chic, Romantic Country, or French Country look. Would fit into any home. Fits great in kitcher, foyer, bedroom, living room, even office. Has one small shelf on bottom. 30``H x 33``L x 19 1/2``W $224.99 Website sale only $174.99
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Another Shabby Chic Area
Another Shabby Chic, French Country, Romantic Country area is a wonderful little corner.
This corner has a dresser, wicker mirror, vintage clothing, small stool, and fantastic handpainted flower oil paintings. We have everything to make a beautiful Shabby Chic room, at wonderful prices. Our furniture sells fast due to our great prices.
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Bed Trays 54.99
Cute and useable bed trays come in two great Shabby Chic colors (green and pink).
Use as a bed tray or set on top of table. Put book, and cup and saurcer on it. Could also display on floor in corner or under table such as a sofa table.
Display anything you like to have on yours. Remember a fun and interesting home is one where you use items differently from what they were made for. about 8 1/2``H (with top flat)X 22 1/2 $54.99
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Beige Dresser 174.99
Neat old, little Beige Dresser has really unique feet, and a scalloped bottom. The feet are small spindles, and has 3 drawers which are dovetailed.
This beige will fit into every home, even a Shabby Chic and especially a Cottage Style home. Dresser has some dirt, worn areas, dents and dings. Wonderful look.
If you don`t like the color either strip it or repaint. Now days with the paint that is out now, it is very easy.
28 1/2``H X 35 1/2``L X 18 1/2``W
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Boudoir Lamps 59.99
Pair of wonderful lamps from 40's, including original shades.
These are great crystal bedside lamps with the original light green plastic shades. Shades have lace around bottom (2 stripes), on very top, and a ribbon bow finishes off look. Shades have a few little tears, but they are not noticeable at all. Shades have folds going around it.
Will look great in Shabby Chic, or Cottage style room. They do work, but suggest you have all older lamps rewired.
Lamp and Shade about 14 1/2'H X 9'D (bottom of shade)
only $59.99
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Chenille Pillows 29.99
These pink Chenille pillows made from old Chenille bedspread. All in excellent condition. Each measures about 14 1/2 x 14 1/2 and are all handmade so sizes can vary slightly. Have seen Chenille pillows selling up to $150.00. These are soft affordable and a must for any Shabby Chic room, patio, or girl`s room.Quantity available 3 Regular $29.99 ea
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Child`s Wicker Chair 59.99
Cute Childs Wicker Chair is great for any home.
Chair is in good condition, but does have some chipping paint. Very fun, very Shabby Chic. Would be great with doll sitting in it, or even Morris Moose. Morris Moose (available on Famous ``Marc Art`` page) looks very comfortable in this cute chair. I don`t know how old chair is , and there are no labels on it.
20``H X 18``L X 22``D
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Coffee Set 74.99
Wonderful silver plate coffee set which includes coffee pot with attached lid, sugar with cover, and creamer. Needs to be polished (I like the tarnished look). Mark on bottom says ``silver on copper double plate``. There is more but can`t read it. Set has great classic style, rope pattern around top of all 3 pieces. Coffee pot has rubber strips on handle to make sure fingers don`t get hot.Excellent shape. No dents, or scratches. Has a wonderful look. Great with Country, Shabby Chic, French Country, etc. Price 74.99
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Coffee Table 294.99
Fantastic off white Coffee Table is a must for a Shabby Chic and Cottage Style homes. Just the right size for any room in the house.
Has beautiful carved feet, and also carving on the platform the legs attach to. I never saw a table like this. The legs are attached to an oval carved piece of wood than the pedestal that holds the top on is attached to the oval carved piece of wood.
Table is older, and has lots of nice nicks, scratches and worn areas.
about 18 1/2``H at table top X 45``L X 27``W
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Deco Mirror 394.99
Fantastic Deco Mirror is etched and has sides that come up. Is in wonderful condition.
Will look great in Art Deco home, Retro home,an office or almost any foyer. Will look the best in a Shabby Chic room.
You won`t find another one like this.
36``H X 50``L X 2 1/2``D
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Gold Flowered Lamps 29.99
Wonderful white glass base lamps, with handpainted goldish flowers is a must for any Shabby Chic or Cottage homes. Each lamp comes with the original shade which looks and feels like a Damask type materal. There is a flower pattern on the fabric.
All 3 lamps work great, and you can purchase one, two or all three. Great price on these lamps. In Shabby Chic store would be at least double to triple the price of what ours are.
20 1/4``H X *`` Diameter.
3 available
Steal at $29.99 each
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Green Chenille Pillows 21.99
Fantastic handmade Chenille pillows made from a 1940`s green bedspread.
Made by Soft Sculpture Artist and Designer Lois Wahicheck, who did a wonderful job, at designing, sewing, and decorating Granny.
Pillows come in three sizes, and look great with just one or as a set or can mix and match with other pillows. Accent pillows are really popular and fit in any type home, especially a Shabby Chic home. I have seen pillows from Chenille bedspreads selling up to $150.00 ea.
Large 14`` X 13``
Medium 16`` X 10``
Small 11 1/2`` X 11``
Great buys at $21.99 ea
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Green Primitive Table 119.99
Wonderful very old, heavy table which has old green paint and is very worn, chipped, nicked and scratched. Wood and black paint is coming through the green paint. Green paint also has original crackling.It has a great look.
Would fit in perfectly in Shabby Chic or Cottage style home. I couldn`t believe the weight to this small table. Great for end table, TV table, plant table, in kitchen or any room.
Side bars are not just attached to flat legs, they are cut into each leg about 1/2``. Very sturdy.
24``H X 16 3/4``L X 16 1/4``W
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Handpainted Birdhouse Stool 75.99
This great handpainted stool has a white birdhouse and green vines painted on top. Stool is shabby chic green with white rungs and a white border around seat.andlt;BRandgt; Painted by Folk Art Designer and Artist Marc Washicheck for his Famous ``Marc Art`` collection.andlt;BRandgt;Marc likes to surprise his customers so he added a birdhouse hanging under the seat of the stool. Birdhouse is shabby chic green body, and white roof. The look is finshed off with a silk vine twirled around stool. 29 1/2``H x 14 1/2``W x 13 1/2``D (at base).I haven`t seen a handpainted stool anywhere for less than $100.00. Mine is a steal at $75.00
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Metal Patio Chairs 29.99
Wonderful Shabby Chic metal Patio Chairs have just the right look.
These 2 chairs are old with great chipping white paint,lots of micks, dents, scratches, and rust. Seat has new padding and beautiful new fabric. Would look great inside or even in office.
2 available
32``H X 16``L X 17 1/2``W
$29.99 ea
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Old Cabinet Doors 44.99 ea
Great, very old cabinet doors are off white outside and light blue inside.
Both doors still have the old hardware on them, and they have some red showing through the off white paint.
Both doors are very used, with many cracks, scrapes, and gouges. Great for Shabby Chic, French Country, or Romantic Country home. Could hang on wall as is, set on shelf or floor, or even paint on them.
about 19 1/2``H x 9 1/2``W X 3/4``D
Great price $44.99 ea.
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Old Metal Pitcher 32.99
Wonderful old green metal pitcher has a great glass lid/stopper. Pitcher is the old color green color, which was popular in the 40`s and is back again with the Shabby Chic look.andlt;BRandgt;Pitcher has metal spout, and handle which swirls around at bottom, but doesn`t attach. Glass lid/stopper has a little glass handle on it. Pitcher has 4 indented circles which go around center as decoration, whcih at this point can also be unscrewed. Inside liner is a glass insert like what is in thermos bottles. There are some scratches here and there,and there are some lighter drip marks on outside. There is some dirt also, but that all adds charactor. If you want something that looks new than you can buy that a Walmart.andlt;BRandgt;9 1/2``H x 7``W (including gandle) x 5 1/2``D $32.99
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Old Shabby Chic Mirror 59.99
Great old heavy mirror with old Shabby Chic green paint. Frames paint is nicked, crackled and edges are very worn. Wonderful look.
Mirror itself is still in good condition for it`s age. Silver on back is bubbling and cracking, but really not enough to ruin it, but enough to give it character. Frame is 12 1/2`` x 19 1/2`` Mirror is 9 1/2`` x 16 1/2`` Only $59.99
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Old Tile Top Table 69.99
Very old metal stand with a greyish green tile top. Stand is very old tile isn`t as old, but does have some age on them. Great in any room, even a Shabby Chic room.
Stand has 2 pieces of metal that are curled at top, than became one in middle and seperate at bottom to form legs. Two small flowers are attached to metal on top of stand. Looks like it is black wrought iron with some bits of old white paint, dark blue, and a very small amount of rust. Tile top is obviously hand made, and are not completly flat, small amounts of grout are missing. Great look, and very useable in many different rooms. $69.99
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Pink Plant Stand 39.99
Fun, pink plant stand is made of metal and painted pink.
The pink paint is dirty, scratched, chipped, and we will even throw in a little rust too. Great Shabby Chic look. Flower cart has 2 wire wheels, and even a little handle to hold if you would push it. Wheels do not turn. Great look at great a price.
25 1/2``H X 34``L X 18``W
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Primitive Church Pew 348.99
This is a wonderful, old, Oak (we think) Church Pew. It has light blue chipping paint, but looks like Oak beneath the paint. Has bible holders on back of Pew, and also has little holes for the little glasses of wine.
This is really a great find. Will look great in a Cottage Home, Shabby Chic Home, Foyer, or even a Primitive Home.
Won`t last long at this price. Great primitive

about 34 1/2``H X 7 feet L X 19``W

only $348.99
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Shabby Chic Armour 274.99
This beautiful Armour is not a huge one that is as big as a condo. It is a smaller, cute one that can fit into any room. Outside is painted white even the back. Because the back is painted also, it can be used in middle of room, at end of bed, or as a divider with couch in front of it. Hang picture on the back with bed or couch under picture, and you have a great divider.
Inside is painted a light, soft green. Very pretty. You can use for storage, clothes, etc, or the be very unique put a small table, light, old photos, etc. Fill inside with momentos of your family.
I call this piece a ``Not too big Armour``
62``H X 38``L X 22``W
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Shabby Chic Bentwood Chairs 49.99
Great set of 4 Shabby Chic bentwood ice cream chairs are distressed for aged look.
It is hard to find 4 matching chairs, but we have them. They look great around the square table that we also have on our website. About 33 1/2``H x 14``W x 16``D $50.00 ea.
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Shabby Chic Desk 294.99
Beautiful White Desk has great lines and detail, front is curved, and has great fancy metal pulls [I think brass]. Has wonderful Shabby, distressed white paint, painted back, and even includes a glass top.
Great to display old photos, postcards, or hankies under the glass, or just leave plain. Photo doesn`t show the wonderful detailing. Email me for better description or more photos.
Can be used at end of bed or middle of room since back is finished, or can be used in any room, office or even foyer.
about 31 1/4``H X 46``L X 18``W
only $294.99
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Shabby Chic Desk Chair 78.99
This white desk chair looks great with white Shabby Chic desk in picture before this one. Chair is sturdy, paint is worn, has new foam in seat, and has green Chenille seat.
All set to take home and use.
This chair is a great price.
33``H X 16``L X 19``W
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Shabby Chic End Table 174.99
This darling end/hall table has much character and class. Is very elegent.
Professional white paint job than distressed for the aged look. Legs are curved and carved which matches the carving on the sides of the table. Table has a bonus includes glass for top. Looks great with or without glass you choose. Could be used a end table, night stand, in foyer or even to put your microwave on in kitchen. Would also look great in office.
29 1/2``H x 30``L x 20``D
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Shabby Chic Hall Tree 224.99
This is a wonderful Shabby Chic Cottage Style wood Hall Tree at a fantastic price.
This antique Hall Tree has woderful white paint on front and back, with all those wonderful chips, scratches and worn paint that makes this look so popular.
You don`t find a Hall Tree like this everyday, and it will go in any room. Has 4 black hooks that are not real old, and there is even a place to set canes and umbrellas, plus a wrought iron metal tray in bottom for dripping water.
Fantastic piece at a fantastic price.
7`H X 26`` L
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Shabby Chic Oak Rockers 79.99
Pair of wonderful Oak Rocking Chairs.
Has rush seats, and the white paint is natural peeling, and chipping. These are heavy oak chairs, and wider than most, not those cheapy ones you can buy now. Has great Shabby Chic look. Use inside or out. Great price.
47``H X 27``L X 35``W(rockers) $79.99 ea
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Shabby Chic Room 00
Our Shabby Chic Rooms are magical, relaxing, peaceful, and calming room. We decorated the old vault (in a 1920`s bank building), Shabby Chic with mostly white, light green, baby pink, but we also mixed a few other pastel colors to add variety. So peaceful, you`ll want to move in. Hurry in. Everything sells fast from this room. All great prices. Come check it out. You`ll agree.
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Shabby Chic Table 69.99
Neat handmade Shabby Chic coffee table is great for the do it yourselfer. This table was made from old boards that still have some white paint in grooves, and in some places on top. Legs made from old cut down spindles. Top has 3 knot holes, and one has a rusty metal ring around hole.andlt;BRandgt;Would look fantastic putting grapevine through holes and around legs. Than place silk vine growing through grapevine. Will look great on patio or in Shabby Chic living room.andlt;BRandgt;19``H X 40``L X 21``Dandlt;BRandgt;$69.99 Sale $44.99
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Shabby Chic White Table 124.99
Great game table painted in white and distressed for aged look. Use in any room for gametable or in kitchen, patio, lanai for brunches, etc. andlt;BRandgt;Square wood top is perfect size for puzzles, or to play games on. Would also fit in kitchen or breakfast nook. Also great for small apartments. Simple yet sturdy. 29'H X 32' X 32' Great price at $124.99 sale $74.99
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Short Perfume Bottle 24.99
Old perfume bottle with rubber squeezer. Rubber ball is a grayish green, and does have some small cracks in it, but still works fine. There is still some dryed perfume in bottle with gives so much character. Has silver metal top. Bottom has a mark ``2 a circle than 7``. Looks good in any home, but great in a Shabby Chic/Cottage Style/ French Country home. Great for the perfume bottle collector.andlt;BRandgt;Bottle about 3``H X 1 3/4`` Diameter.andlt;BRandgt;$24.99
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Smaller Pink Dresser 174.99
Cute as a button smaller Pink Dresser is just what is needed in any Shabby Chic/Cottage Style home.
This dresser has crackled, worn and scratched paint, and new vintage look crsytal glass knobs. Soooo neat. There is even a tad bit of green showing through paint.
A great size. You could use in bathroom, kitchen, living room, even foyer. I never saw one like this before.
about 38 1/2``H X 21``L X 17``W
only $174.99
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Tall Primitive Pedistal 51.99
Great primitive handmade Pedistal has a wonderful look. The base is the best part. This wasn`t just thrown together, took much thought and skilled cutting to have this fit together so perfect. The pole is even routered, so is the top, and there are brackets holding the top on.
Top is alittle warped, and paint is peeling, chipping, crackling, and bare wood or green paint is showing through. This is original crackling not the fake.
This has a great Shabby Chic Cottage Look, and is a wonderful price.
about 26``H X 15 1/2``L X 15 1/2``W
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White Coffee Table 89.99
Fantastic, fun white Coffee Table has a indentation for glass top which is included. Looks great with vintage hankies, old postcards, or family photos. White paint has lots of great scratches, scapes and dents ooh so Shabby Chic.
28``L X 18 1/2``W X 15 3/4``H
only $89.99
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White Folding Chairs 29.99
2 fantastic white, wood folding chairs can be used to sit on, or great just for looks. Has a great distressed look.
If you don`t need them just fold up, and put away, or leave out for that great Shabby Chic look. Use in kitchen or living room, and would be great on a porch. Hang on porch wall and use as a shelf. Don`t see many of these around anymore. About 29 1/2``H x 14 1/2``L x 20``W $29.99 ea
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White Sofa Table 224.99
Fantastic White Sofa Table has lots of great scratches, dents, dings. Great Shabby Chic/Cottage style Sofa table can be used in hallway, behind Sofa, in Kitchen, office, almost anywhere.
29``H X 49 1/2``L X 15``W
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White Wood Table 374.99
Great white wood table is very old with lots of character. Has been distressed for Shabby Chic, and Romantic Country look.
Top is made from 2 pieces of wood 12`` wide, has one drawer in middle which would be great silverware drawer. Could use in any room even would be great as desk. Great thick spindle legs. There is dark green, yellow, and some blue showing through white paint. 30 1/2``H x 38``W x 24 1/2``D $375.00
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Wrought Iron Chairs 34.99
2 great Wrought Iron Outdoor Chairs have a great Grape theme. I`m told the Grape theme is harder to find in Wrought Iron. They are very Shabby Chic/Cottage Style with some rust, and even alittle chipping paint.
Sorry no cushions but you would buy new ones anyways.
Great price because there aren`t any cushions.
Buy one or both.
Matching coffe table available.
A great buy
$34.99 ea
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Wrought Iron CoffeeTable 24.99
A great Wrought Iron Outdoor Table with Grape theme, will look great in a Shabby Chic/Cottage Style home. Can be used outside in any kind of home. 2 matching chairs available.
This fun table has some rust, chipping paint, but sorry no glass. You don`t find the Grape theme often.
Would look good indoor or out.
16``H X 36``L X 18 1/2``W
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Yellow Cottage Table Set 249.99
Cute as a button yellow drop Leaf table which was made in the 1940``s. It has a nice mellow yellow top with white legs. Perfect for a cottage look, or even Shabby Chic.
You can tell this table has alot of history behind it with some real crackling paint, worn spots, cracks in boards and each leaf has a piece on the inside corner where it is hardly noticeable. I think that`s what adds character, and personality.
This table also has 2 almost matching round back chairs. The back spindles and rungs are white, and rest of chairs are matching yellow.
Very pretty, great for cottage look, but also will look great in Shabby Chic room. Of coarse your room doesn`t have to be either of those. Will look fantastic in a yellow kitchen, nook, or porch.
The yellow color in picture doesn`t do it justice. If interested I can send a color sample in mail.
29 1/2``H X 36``L X 23``W [both leaves down]
about 43`` W with leaves up
3 piece set $249.99
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Blue Area
This is our wonderful blue area. A must to see. We also have a red area, yellow area, Shabby Chic area, and a man's area. Each area have many vignettes in them with all different themes. The areas and themes change often.
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A room in the shop.
This is one of the rooms that are in the shop. There is a blue, red, yellow room, man's room, Shabby Chic room, and Christmas room, along with about 10 booths in 4800 square feet of wonderful and unique antiques, collectibles, and some gifts. Just enough gifts as to enhance the antiques not detract from the antiques.
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Old handpainted Hamper 79.99
Old white painted wicker hamper, Shabby Chic green cover which has white magnolia and green leaves painted on it.andlt;BRandgt;Great in bathroom, or in bedroom. Hamper itself is problably form late 40's early 50's. Wicker is in great condition. Painted to have aged look. $79.99
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Bright Green Compact 24.99
Great Bright Green compact is in excellent condition.
Top color is a bright green, almost Fluorescent Green. Bottom is a brass color, and there is some wear, but hardly noticeable. Compact even has powder puff included. Great addition for compact collector, or will look great as decoration in bathroom, bedroom, or Shabby Chic Room.
about 2 3/8' Diameter $24.99
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Light Green Compact 24.99
Wonderful Compact still has the powder puff.
There are no maker marks, and in very good condition. Has a light (almost sage green) top, and a brass looking bottom. Mirror is great condition, the only thing I can see wrong is compact has a small worn or tarnished spot on bottom. Spot is about 1/4 inch diameter, and might even come out if polished.
Great for collector or will look wonderful on dresser in Shabby Chic room.
about 2 3/8`` diameter
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Green Avacado Cake Plate 79.99
Green Avacado Depression Glass is one of the most sought after Depression Glass patterns. Cherry Hill Antiques has a large selection of this beautiful and rare glass pattern.
Green Avacodo was made by the Indiana Glass Company from 1923 1933. Some of the most diffcult pieces to locate include a 7 1/2`` Salad Bowl, the 9 1/2`` Salad Bowl, and the 3 footed Relish Dish. Cherry Hill Antiques has them.
This light green colored Avacado sets a beautiful table, and is gorgeous displayed in a lighted cabinet. Will also look great in a Shabby Chic or Cottage Style home.

This beautiful cake plate has 2 handles, and will look great with a cake on it, or on display in cabinet. This is a very rare piece.
Excellent condition, no chips, cracks, or repairs.
12`` diameter
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Swan Pitcher Set 31.99
Wonderful glass pitcher and 2 glasses have a Swan scene on them.
Top portion of graphics is Cattails, Swan, Baby Swans, and water ripples which are in white. Bottom portion are green Water Lilies, and water ripples. Glass is very clear, graphic colors are still bright and vibrent. No chips, cracks, or repairs. I think these are from the 40``s to early 50``.
Would look grat in any room, but fantastic in a Shabby Chic or Cottage Style rooms. Wonderful for pitcher collectors.
Pitcher about 7 3/4``H X 6``L (to tip of handle) X 4 1/2``W
Glasses about 3 1/2``H X 2``Diameter
$31.99 set of 3
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Martha Stewart revamps her life with TV apprenticeship
ONE might have expected Martha Stewart to have had enough of shabby boardroom tactics, but the United States lifestyle guru is to embrace the concept once again by hosting a spin-off of Donald Trump's reality television show, The Apprentice.
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