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Decorating Ideas and Other Thoughts

Old Shutter Ideas

Shutters can be used in many wonderful ways. In Cherry Hill Antiques, they are used as shelves, partitions, even as art on a wall. (See pictures of shutter ideas on "Antique Page).

1) If a quick and cute shelf is needed grab an old shutter, 2 or 3 brackets from Hardware Store, and screwdriver. Screw brackets to top of shelf, than screw into wall. By attaching brackets to top of shutter, they won't be seen when shelf is full.

2) Larger shutters can be used as a partition. Just buy cheap hinges and hinge together. Can be used to screen off areas you don't want to show, use as backdrop for table and tablescape, or in front of door or windows for privacy.

3) Attach old window (plain, painted, or stained glass) to wall and place two shutters on each side. You can even hang curtains on window. In Cherry Hill there is a stained glass window on wall with 2 shutters on each side. Great look. Attach painting of outdoors (barns, house, landscapes, etc) on wall, hang curtains on each side of painting, place a shutter on each side of curtains. You have instant window.

Displaying Collections

Collections - Large or small - new or old will look better displayed together, even if crowded and overlapping. Display them together, makes a visual impact. Even if you just have a collection of 3, you can do same thing, and you can even place different collections on one shelf or table. Display all items with same theme together, leave a bit of space between collections or themes.

A theme can be items that are same color, same item (like banks, teapots), same era (toys from 50"s), or made from same material (copper, brass).

The main thing to remember when setting up display, watch the height of your items. Place tall items in back, medium in middle, and short in front. If you need more height place some books under item or items. (See "Other Neat Things" page for picture).


Paintings don't have to have frames. Just hang on wall or place on shelf without frames. Many people think frames detract from the artwork. Idea - Hang picture/painting over table or shelf than place smaller one on table or shelf in front of overlapping hanging picture. By placing artwork close together and snug you are forming a visual unit. (For example picture on "Hints of Tablescaping" on this page.

Stacking Books

Books are now a huge decorating element. You don't have read the books in order to use them for decorating. Many people have collections of cookbooks, but never cook; they just look neat on a shelf or table. You can tell a lot about a home by what kind of reading material are on display, sports, decorating, mysteries, etc. Use whatever type of books you favor, either by title, color or size. Stack on floor in empty corner, on tables, in baskets, or on shelves. Stacked books make wonderful little pedestals. If an item isn't tall enough when doing a grouping or tablescape, place on stack of books. (See "Other Neat Things" page for pictures). On shelves - don't just stand books on book shelf - stack some with a piece of pottery, statue, vase, etc on stack. Books also look great just as a stack of books, offers guests interesting reading. Make your shelf or tablescapes interesting (see Hints On Tablescaping on this page).

Cherry Hill Antiques carries lots of books, old, newer, cookbooks coffee table books, all kinds, at fantastic prices. Check the "Other Neat Stuff" page on this website for books that are for sale, and pictures of books used a pedestals.

Hints For Tablescaping/Arranging

Not only can you use these helpful hints on tables, also works wonders on shelves too.
*Height - includes tall, medium, short items for interest. If not tall enough elevate on stack of books or small bench, or pedestal.
*Weight - all items appear light or heavy to a person's eye. Balance weight.
*Balance- sometimes use asymmetrical versus symmetrical. Don't always pair up.
* Scale - a proportional relationship between items helps them to work together.
*Texture - texture appeals to your eye, and your sense of touch. Mix wood, glass, silver, etc, along with natural elements such as flower, moss, leaves etc.
*Color - your arrangement should match your overall color of your room.
*Change - don't be afraid of change. Mix items up-change often. You don't have to have everything you own out at once.


Color Language

Pink: soothe, acquiesces; promotes affability and affection.
Yellow: expands, cheers; increases energy.
White: purifies, energizes, unifies; in combination, enlivens all other colors
Black: disciplines, authorizes, strengthens; encourages independence
Orange: cheers, commands; stimulates appetites, conversation, and charity
Red: empowers, stimulates, dramatizes, competes; symbolizes passion
Green: balances normalizes, refreshes; encourages emotional growth
Purple: comforts, spiritualizes: creates mystery and draws out intuition
Blue: relaxes, refreshes, cools; produces tranquil feelings and peaceful moods

Attention: Interior Designers, Etc.

We are looking for Interior Designers, Interior Decorators, Mural Artists or anyone who has a quality website pertaining to decorating. We might link your website to the Decorating Page.

Fun Facts For Florida

The origin of city names. Look for your city in the coming months.
I will be listing more each time I change the "Decorating and Other Neat Stuff" page.


Apalachicola.This is one of the most musical names to be found on the map of Florida, and is associated in the minds of most peoples with a most excellent and delicious oyster. According to some authorities, "Apalachicola" is a Hitchiti Indian word which means simply, "the people on the other side". Other historians say "apalachi is a Choctaw work signifying "allies". The settlement of the present site of the town dates back to the times of the Creek Indians, and since it is located at the tip of a considerable peninsula, just west of the mouth of a river, the first version explains how the word might have become the designation of those who lived there. It later was applied to the river and the bay into which it empties.


Auburndale.Was established in 1882, first under the name of Sanatoria, from a hotel erected there by the early settlers. The site was shifted when the railroad came through, and some citizens from Auburndale, Mass., suggested that it be rechristened after that town. The most influential of these seems to have been Mrs. Ralph Pulsifer, wife of the publisher of the Boston Herald.


Bartow.This town seems to have had two previous names before acquiring its present one. The first was Peas Creek. Later when Redding Blount came with Jacob Summerlin to pioneer the raising of cattle in Florida, the town was renamed Fort Blount. In 1867 its name was changed again, this time to honor Confederate General Francis F. Bartow, who had been the first general officer of either side, to fall the War Between the State. Nowadays Bartow likes to be spoken of as "The City of Oaks."


Cedar Keys.Although the Gulf island on which this town is located is cal led North Key, the name refers to the abundant growth of cedar trees which formerly covered all of a group of islands here. The town was established during the War Between the States. Three pencil plants, formerly located here, were closed down when the cedar was depleted.

Coral Gables.This city, seat of the University of Miami, took its name from the home built earlier by the Rev. Solomon Merrick, whose son, George E. Merrick, subdivided the area during Florida's great land boom of the 1920's. The son perpetuated in the name of the community the coral rock walls and many gables of his father's house.

Delray Beach.This name may be simply a corruption of the Spanish words "del rey" meaning "of the king." It was originally named "Linton" after Congressman Linton of Michigan, who platted the town about 1892. In 1895 the town was reorganized as Delray. One story has it that the settlers named the town for a neighborhood in Detroit cal led Delray. The "Beach" was added in the 1930's when the area along the beach was consolidated with the city on the mainland.


Fort Myers.The name memorialized by this famous Florida city is that of General Abraham Charles Myers, a distinguished officer in the United States Army. It was given to the fort by General David E. Twiggs, Federal commander in the Seminole Wars who later became the father-in-law of Myers. The city was developed in later years of the 19th Century, chiefly through the initiative of Stafford C. Cleveland, a New York newspaperman. Situated on the south bank of the Caloosahatchee River, it is the county seat and largest city of Lee County.


Golf.This community was founded by men who had previously established Golf, Illinois. These men were very interested the game of golf, too.


Havana.Cultivation of Cuban tobacco in this county began as early as 1829, and this town was named for the Cuban capital as a means of honoring this remunerative crop. The name "Havana" is of Indian origin, though its exact significance has been lost. The Spanish mission of Santa Cruz de Cupali stood near here.


La Crosse.This town was sett led some time prior to 1885, by people who came from La Crosse, Wisconsin. That town, it its turn, derived its name from the Indian ball game, to which the French had given the name la crosse, and which was regularly played at that spot.


Lake Worth.A town existed here as early as 1870, and was cal led Hypoluxo by the Indians. Later its name was changed to Lucerne, but when it was incorporated in 1913 it was named after the nearby lake, which bears the name of Brigadier General William Jenkins Worth, whose strategy brought the Second Seminole War to a conclusion and who went on to distinction in the Mexican War.

I will be listing more City names each time I change the "Decorating Page"
All information about city names came from The Florida Handbook 1973-1974, by Allen Morris


Coming in the near future we will be finishing a Cherry Hill Antiques cookbook, which will be for sale. We need many more recipes, (in all categories), for our cookbook. Anyone that sends 10 or more recipes, and I use the recipes, will receive free cookbook. Make sure you name, address, telephone, and email address are on all recipes. I will email you a confirmation that I received them. Every month we will print a couple recipes that will be included in the cookbook. We are trying to tempt you. If you have any suggestions, or comments, feel free to email us. Bon Appitet.

Cherry Hill Antiques Party Recipes

Cherry Hill Antiques had their Store Christmas party which was loads of fun. All the Antique Merchants who are in Cherry Hill were there, plus good customers, and other shop owners (who work closely with Cherry Hill Antiques). There was lots of food, fun, and friendship that night. If you want a good party-lots of food is the answer.
The counters were full of wonderful food. Since Cherry Hill was open that day there wasn't much time to cook. Normal years all the food is homemade for the parties, but because of the 3 Hurricanes, cleanup and moving (store and home), there just wasn't any time for cooking. We had to buy most of the food.

The menu was;

Large Platter of Chicken Drumettes - bought - huge success
Medium Fruit Platter - bought - surprisingly, huge success
Large Cheese, Sausage Platter -bought - not big success - was sliced, should be cubed
Spirals from Sam's Club - bought - huge success
Black and Green Olives - bought
Crackers and Cocktail Bread - bought
Canned Soda - bought
Little Éclairs from Sam's Club - bought - huge success
Spinach Dip - homemade - recipe follows
Devi led Eggs - homemade - recipe follows
German Potato Salad - homemade - recipe follows
Pasta Salad - homemade - recipe follows
Little Franks in Barbecue Sauce - sauce homemade - recipe follows
Homemade Food was such a hit - everybody said the recipes should be on website.
So here they are - All are very simple;

Deviled Eggs

Hard Boi led eggs - for this party we used 3 dozen - cut in half
Miracle Whip (reg or fat free)
Mustard ( dried or in jar)

Cut hard boi led eggs in half, scoop out yolk and put in dish. Mash yolks, add Miracle Whip to moisten (should be moist enough to scoop easily, but not to run off spoon), tiny bit of mustard (to taste), salt (to taste). Scoop mixture into egg halves. Sprinkle a little bit of Paprika on top of eggs for color. Refrigerate This is always a huge hit, and so simple.


Lois's German Potato Salad

This has been in our family for many years.
Salt and Pepper
3 - 5 pounds little salad potatoes
12 oz cooked bacon
1 good sized onion - cut up- we love lots of onions in everything
Celery - cut up - about the same amount as onion
2 -3 tablespoons flour
1 cup sugar
½ cup vinegar
Cook potatoes in salted water until done. You can peel or leave the peels on (we peel). Slice potatoes. Cook bacon, drain on paper towel, and brake up into pieces. Fry onion and celery in bacon fat. Stir flour into bacon fat slowly to absorb the fat - will become thick. Slowly add water until flour and bacon mixture gets to a gravy consistence. Could very each time. Stir until lumps are dissolved. Add 1 cup sugar, ½ cup vinegar. Stir until sugar is dissolved. Salt and pepper to taste.

Mix everything in large bowl with potatoes. Garnish with slices of hard boi led eggs. Try to make Potato Salad within a few hours of serving. Wonderful when served warm or at room temperature.

Spinach Dip

1 package frozen chopped spinach - thawed
1 chopped raw onion - small to medium size
Miracle Whip - reg or fat free
Salt and pepper

Thaw out spinach, (I always chop more), place in bowl, add chopped onion, Miracle Whip, mix. Salt and pepper to taste. Place in refrigerator to chill. Best if sits overnight. Serve cold.

Little Franks In Barbecue Sauce

1 package small Franks - pre cooked
1 cup ketchup
½ cup brown sugar
about 2 tablespoons Worcestershire Sauce

Place ketchup, brown sugar, Worcestershire Sauce, in small sauce pan and warm on lower heat. Stir often. Heat Franks, place warmed franks in crock pot, fondue pot, anything that can keep warm, add sauce and stir. Ready to serve immediately. Very simple, but always a hit.

This barbecue sauce can be used with meatballs, little franks, or use on sandwiches, etc. Stays in refrigerator for weeks.


Cold Pasta Salad

12 oz Tri Colored Rotini (or any pasta you prefer)
1 can sliced water chestnuts
Cauliflower and Broccoli flowerets
Grated carrots
Chopped up onion - 1 good sized onion
64 oz bottle Italian dressing (fat free or reg)
Green Olives - sliced
Cook pasta - drain and cool

Place in large mixing bowl, add all other ingredients, mix well. Chill. Best if mixed the day before, serve cold.

Party Dessert

It was my mothers 75 birthday on the day of the party, so one of my Antique Merchants brought a ½ decorated sheet cake. It was a big surprise for her. The cake was a hit too.

Party Hints

Usually at my parties I have everyone bring their favorite Christmas cookie. I bring Christmas paper plates and Saran Wrap, and at the end of the night everyone takes a plate of cookies home. Because of the Hurricanes nobody had time to bake. The one thing I did forget is Coffee. There were some people that wanted Coffee with their cake. Since I don't drink coffee I never thought of it. We usually always make punch, but because of time, we had canned soda. I always use fat free everything (mayo, salad dressing, etc). Everybody always says they can tell the difference, but with all the other ingredients combined, nobody can ever tell. In fact everyone says how good the food is. I also use Fat Free Miracle Whip on anything that calls for mayo.

If you want a festive feel to any party, have helium balloons. Doesn't matter what age, everyone loves balloons, and puts everyone in such a party mood.

To have a fun and successful party, just have lots of food. Homemade or store bought doesn't matter.


We Love To Buy And Always Looking

We love to buy, and always looking. If you have an item or an estate to sell, let us know. Cherry Hill antique merchants regularly travel during the summer to Florida, Mississippi, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, or anywhere we can get quality antiques and collectibles. If you have smaller items that can be shipped, email us pictures, and if we buy we can have shipped. I am always looking to expand my personal collections too.

We're looking to buy;

Primitives Furniture - 50's and older Linens Glassware - especially Depression Glass 50"s Kitchen items - bright colored plastic items, tablecloths, curtains, dishes, glassware, Old Signs Original Artwork - oil paintings, drawings, watercolors, pottery, etc., - nothing modern Stained Glass Architectural items Sporting Goods items Ohio Art Items Holt Howard items Items with Cherries on them


Marc's Wish List For His Personal Collections;

Cambridge Caprice Glassware (midnight blue color) LP's from the 80's - I need many different LP's. too many to list, if you have some email list and condition. Candlewick Glassware - especially cake plates Easy Money Game from the 50's, with original pieces Monopoly Game from the 50's with original pieces Romper Room Items Roy Rodgers Items Children's dishes from the 50's Lunch boxes from the 50's and 60'sWater Pitchers from the 50's Old Metal Cash Register Banks in different colors - I already have Red, Light Greene, Black and Blue - looking for more colors



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