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Product Name: ``UP ON CHERRY HILL``8-25-09 News Blitz |::| Model#: 82509nbch

Product Information: Model#: 82509nbch
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Official Newsletter of Cherry Hill Antiques
8-25-09 edition


Cherry Hill has a Twitter account (ArcadiaAntiques), Facebook account (Cherry Hill Antiques, and Marc Washicheck), and Youtube account and will be blogging soon. Find out more of what is going on when you ďTweetĒ me or when you become my friend on Facebook.


Cherry Hill has a huge collection of Primitives and furniture. Over half our sales consists of furniture. I love furniture and so do most of my antique merchants so we specially look for them. If you love primitives such as farm tables, pie safes, dry sinks, benches, etc at great prices, make sure you stop by.

For Empty Bowls Charity

Most people know that I design, produce and sell my own line of pottery, and it sells very well. Iím so thrilled at the great response Iíve received that Iím going to share my good fortune. Iím giving 10% of my pottery sales to the Empty Bowls charity to help buy clay, glazes, printing, postage or whatever else they need the money for. Iím donating this until after the Empty Bowls dinner which will take place on November 19, 2009. Here is another way you can help feed the homeless and near homeless and have a great piece of pottery for your collection.

At Visaniís Comedy Club in Port Charlotte, Florida
Sepember 3, 2009

Tickets $10.00 each Ė you just have to purchase 2 menu items, can be from bar, appetizers, or meal. The entire $10.00 goes to Empty Bowls Charity. Open to anyone over 23.

This Empty Bowls event will be really fun. How can it not be when it is at a comedy club. If you want more fun than that, you can hear stories about me. My pottery teacher, Jack Vartainian, from the Visual Arts Center in Punta Gorda (and his wife) will be attending this fun charity event. Buy a ticket and you can ask him to tell you stories about me, he can tell you the scoop. (Ohhh, maybe you better not). Jack is a huge help to Empty Bowls. Jack and his students donate many, many pieces of pottery for the Empty Bowls charity.

Please, please help me sell my tickets. Not only will you be helping feed children, have a great time at the comedy club, but also will be helping me out. I must have the ticket money by August 27, 2009.

You pick which way is best for you.

I also need help getting donations for the November 19, 2009 dinner, silent auction and live auction. I need helpers to go with me or by themselves to ask all businesses in Charlotte County (or surrounding counties) to donate merchandise, services, gift certificates, etc to help feed the homeless and near homeless. This includes golf courses, health spas, salons, gyms, restaurants, gift stores, art galleries, toy stores, etc. It is our goal to make the 2009 Empty Bowls Dinner and auctions to be the best yet.

We also need someone who is a great folk artist and would want to donate their time to paint two Adirondack chairs for the auction. We already have the chairs and would like a beachy theme or palm trees theme, etc.


We also need financial donations to help pay for clay and glazes. The Charlotte County Empty Bowls charity is through the Charlotte County Public Schools which has had to cut their budget drastically like everyone else. Empty Bowls depends on the students to make clay bowls/pottery in their art classes to GIVE to everyone who attends the dinner. Do to the budget cuts many classes canít afford the clay or glazes needed to produce the pottery.

You donít need to live in Charlotte County to help. Anyone, anywhere can help us. If you live in the area and want help there are many ways we can use you. Just call or email me (Marc) or you can call or email Joann Winkler, Liberty Elementary 941-255-7515,

If you donít live in the area you can be a financial sponsor, donate merchandise, or even a small check for supplies is very welcome.


REMEMBER- We are in search of quality antique merchants to join our Cherry Hill family and sell in our store. We have some prime space for rent. There is a large bank vault, small bank vault, a space on the main aisle, a wonderful space right in the front window, plus smaller spaces such as showcases or just a shelf or two. Rent in Cherry Hill includes many things other stores canít offer, such as use of the largest antique store website in the country, many special events to bring customers in, massive advertising, and Cherry Hill works with many wonderful charities.


We had another wonderful FLORIDA WEALTH SEEKERS meeting (an entrepreneur meeting). We welcomed some new, creative, positive people who have joined us. We discussed internet marketing, thoughts on some new businesses, updates on ventures already being undertaken, and Cherry Hillís Youtube video, etc.

We meet the first Sunday monthly at various members businesses. In the future we will be hosting guest speakers discussing topics such as; websites/ hosting, how to get advertising contacts (TV, radio, press, etc), CPA on business accounting, a motivational speaker, and who know what else we can find. If you have a topic (business or motivational) you would like to speak on, feel free to contact us.

The next meeting will take place at Punta Gorda Potpourri (a new business in Punta Gorda). We canít wait to see the store. We have heard the store looks wonderful after lots of paint, wood and sweat. Knowing the owners I know it is fantastic.


The luncheon which took place July 18, 2009 and was honored with guest speaker Vernon Peeples and his wife, was a huge success. We all learned so much about the local history that we are asking them back. Not only did we have a very enjoyable history lesson, but a gourmet luncheon, gift bags, door prizes and lots of laughing and fun. Every luncheon is getting better and better. We did sell out and had to turn away 25 people. Watch for our next get togethers and make sure you reserve your ticket early.

I also want to Thank :
Kim Wertz from Valley Florist in downtown Arcadia for her beautiful table flower arrangements. They fit the theme perfectly and were a pleasure to the eyes. I was amazed they lasted 2 Ĺ weeks. Call her for all your flower needs. She has wire service too. 863-494-4500

Jill Kuhn/Hess a hairdresser from Rosie and Company in Port Charlotte. She cuts my hair and donated two big bottles of Matrix (one shampoo one conditioner) and a certificate for one haircut for a doorprize. If you would like to make an appointment with her call 941-625-2574. Try her out.


Many collectors will only buy tablecloths or linens with stains or small tears or holes. This proves there is a history and shows they are not reproductions. If you do have stains you would like to remove, here is a tip;
Coffee, Tea, Fruit Stains Ė
Place stained tablecloth over sink, and pour boiling water over stain. Repeat if necessary.


I had another huge garage sale and the stuff was flying out of our yard, but I still have tons more. Iíll be having another sale at my home in January 2010. I plan on having two a year that will have not only all the decorative items, gift items, and fun stuff that I buy all year but will also be a store clearance. Items that I want to get out of the store will be sold here for garage sale prices. I only have so much room in the store when I run out of room I strip the store and sell at the garage sale. Iíll have more in my news blitzes or on the website.

A special HELLO to my friend Matty. She is in my pottery class and is a very special person.

Hope all your dreams come true. Mine are.

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