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Product Name: Artist Bill Gimbel, Part 2 a study in serendipity and simplicity |::| Model#: BG2TTHEA122

Product Information: Model#: BG2TTHEA122
Product Description:
Artist Bill Gimbel, Part 2 a study in serendipity and simplicity

Written by Thomas Hall writer for

November 24th, 2010 7:07 pm Et

For Punta Gorda artist Bill Gimbel, life isn't static. Rather, it's a series of serendipitous moments in time. Mimicking life, Gimbel's art captures moments freeze-frame, "in pause mode."

One such work is Gimbel's bewitching "Nutmeg Shell Sorter." "I saw this woman in a huge factory in Granada that had to have 50,000 bags of nutmeg shells stacked everywhere," he recalled. He was struck by the primitive simplicity of the woman's work and surroundings. To capture this quality, Gimbel abandoned modeling, proportionality, and the semi-realist characteristics of many of his other works, opting instead for simplified outlines and large patches of earth-tone colors. The result is an instinctive immediacy as melancholic as it is mysterious.

Like Primitivist Paul Gauguin, Gimbel builds mystery into all of his island depictions, like the wistful "Miss Terry" (an obviously intentional play on words) in which the subject, her head obscured by a large gray hat and with her back to the viewer, perches on the bow of a passing boat with an indistinguishable glimpse of land in the background.

"I've been to the Gauguin museum in Tahiti," Gimbel effuses, and the influence is clear to see in his bay and beach scenes like "Dunes" and the acrylic-on-canvas "Sea Duction." He was even commissioned once to recreate Gauguin's 1894 masterwork "Siesta" ("Midday Nap") on a client's sub-zero refrigerator. If the modernists spawned by Expressionist masters like Gauguin and van Gogh taught Gimbel anything, it's that art is not confined to the four corners of a canvas support.

Perhaps that explains why Gimbel jumped at the opportunity to help antique dealer Marc Washicheck start up an avante-garde gallery in Arcadia. He was struck by the proposed gallery's unique and sincere concept, "traits that mirror Marc himself."

Gimbel met Washicheck at the Punta Gorda Visual Arts Center, where he teaches. But it's the student who's taught the master "to dream more, to learn more and become more." That's a credo any artist, gallery owner or collector can live by.

Gimbel's works are currently on exhibit at Washicheck's "GALLERY 122 WEST" in Arcadia, which on November 27th will be the site of its fourth-Saturday-of-the-month, four-block-long antique fair in which some 200 vendors will have their wares on sale just in time for Christmas shoppers. For more information, call Marc Washicheck at 863-993-2344.

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