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Official newsletter of Cherry Hill Antiques
July 8, 2009 edition

Everyone please take a minute and let me know if you received this and what you think. Thanks for your time, in advance.


Florida Wealth Seekers

Cherry Hill Antiques is known for their innovated ideas, unique promotions, massive advertising and even a book. For years we have had a small group of antique merchants, business people, and just plain folk who are POSTIVE, have lots of ideas, love to discuss business ideas, promote new concepts discuss business developments, brainstorm, and network. We would get together to discuss all these ideas informally, but now we have formed a small group of positive thinkers (Florida Wealth Seekers). We are now expanding our group to new POSTIVE thinkers and their new and innovated ideas. Now money investing, just invest your ideas, thoughts and non financial support. All must be kept very confidential.

We usually meet on the first Sunday monthly (about 1:00 or 2:00) to network at a fellow members business, home, or rental property. If you need some new ideas with a business concept, want thoughts on how to expand YOUR BUSINESS, promote or advertise YOUR BUSINESS, or just want to brainstorm with other people about business than call or email to find out more. Networking is your most inexpensive, fun and best way to advertising.


Most of you know that I have had a red Toyota Rav4 for 10 years and it had over 234,000 miles on her. Well, it is very sad for me to announce that I finally gave up and bought a new car/SUV. I bought a new 2009 Toyota Rav4 but even with my excitement of the new car it was very sad letting go of my old friend (Mary Lou). I swear as I was driving out of the parking lot in my new RAV4, I looked back at (Mary Lou) my old car’s wind shield and it was misting up. I think she was crying because I was leaving her after 10 years. So please help the “Marc’s car fund” and shop Cherry Hill Antiques. Shop in Mary Lou’s memory.

Another exclusive event by Cherry Hill Antiques
July 18, 2009
10:30 - 2:30


Cherry Hill Antiques of Arcadia, Florida will be having another wonderful luncheon event. We will be presenting a historical luncheon and Ice Cream Social which will take place on July 18, 2009 at 10:30 am and is open to men and women. Guest speaker for this exclusive event will be the famous Vernon Peeples local historian for southwest Florida. People know him from his PBS interviews plus his numerous personal appearances and historical presentations.

There’s more!!! This exclusive presentation will also include a delicious lunch, homemade ice cream and chocolate chip cookies, free organic hot and cold tea and coffee tasting bar (presented by Good Life of Arcadia), gourmet jelly and sauce sampling, antique scavenger hunt (for those wanting to participate), gift bags, door prizes and who knows what else.

If you have ever been to any Cherry Hill event, you know that they are full of fun, delightful chatting, great information, delicious food, lots of friendship and well worth the seating price. The last two lunches were sold out and we had to turn people away so don’t wait. Reserve your seats today.

Seating price is only $15.00 per seat. Luncheon will take place at 120 West Oak Street, Arcadia, Florida 34266. If you wish to attend or have any questions call 863-993-2344.

We accept Mastercard, Visa, checks or cash (in store only) for tickets, but hurry, limited seating.

Bits and Pieces...
Off the Top of My Head

A Wonderful New Book by Marc Washicheck

I wrote and published my first book, “Bits and Pieces…Off the Top of My Head” and it is receiving many great compliments. This book is a compilation of my articles I wrote about antiques, my thoughts and ideas, decorating ideas and facts, history of Cherry Hill Antiques, Arcadia, and DeSoto country, quick kitchen tips and recipes from Cherry Hill antique merchants, friends and family. There are even a few surprises you’ll discover in the book. Its 50 pages of fun, and a book you will go back too many times as reference, for cooking, or just for fun reading.

Believe it or not, we have finished the second printing and we are starting the third printing of my book which is better than the first. I added a new article and changed a few things and it is better than ever. Everyone loves it. I had so much fun writing and working on this book that I want everyone to enjoy and have fun with it too. Don’t miss out on this book, limited copies will be available. All will be signed and dated.

You better hurry and get your copy, once it gets to the New York Best Sellers list the price will go up. (smiling)

Bits and Pieces…Off the Top of My Head was published by “Small Business Concepts and Development” of Port Charlotte and was bound in a very convenient cook book style binder. This binder is great so as not to ruin the pages when using the cookbook section, which you will often.


A few months ago we announced Cherry Hill is now selling BEANPOD candles. We are also excited to tell you Cherry Hill now have a candle of the month program. Cherry Hill’s candle for July is “Beach Walk”. We thought it appropriate since our luncheon will be a picnic theme. (smiling)

June was the month for all the sweet smelling Lilac’s to bloom in the north. In the south we miss the sweet scent of Lilacs so that was our candle for June, and we sold out of both sizes.

Beanpod candles are “REAL SOY” unlike others claims of being soy but that still use paraffin or petroleum wax. If the candle doesn’t say “REAL SOY” it’s not a Beanpod. Beanpod has a patented process that allows your candle to remain fragrant from first light to final flame. Their scents are incomparable. Totally natural, this makes them biodegradable which means they burn clean. Beanpod is the candle recommended and used by Oprah. It is on her “Favorites” list. So, light up, sit back, relax and ENJOY the good life.

* to dream
* to decorate
* to think out of the box
* to try new ideas
* to experiment

A special HELLO two of my favorite customers. (Smiling)

Hello to Ronni Althouse
Hello to Sue Weingartner

I’m hoping to see them both at the July 18th luncheon.

Please drop off your canned donation of food for the homeless. Homeless people and homeless animals, neither asked to be homeless. PLEASE HELP

I want to see you in the store soon.

We have new antique merchants, new inventory, and new memories for you.

Have a wonderful blessed week.
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