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The feeds below come from all over the world wide web as well as products from Cherry Hill Antiques. Feel free to read them but click the links above to see all of Cherry Hill Antiques.

Another Shabby Chic Area
Another Shabby Chic, French Country, Romantic Country area is a wonderful little corner.
This corner has a dresser, wicker mirror, vintage clothing, small stool, and fantastic handpainted flower oil paintings. We have everything to make a beautiful Shabby Chic room, at wonderful prices. Our furniture sells fast due to our great prices.
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Smaller Pink Dresser 174.99
Cute as a button smaller Pink Dresser is just what is needed in any Shabby Chic/Cottage Style home.
This dresser has crackled, worn and scratched paint, and new vintage look crsytal glass knobs. Soooo neat. There is even a tad bit of green showing through paint.
A great size. You could use in bathroom, kitchen, living room, even foyer. I never saw one like this before.
about 38 1/2``H X 21``L X 17``W
only $174.99
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Vintage Glass Lamp 84.99
Beautiful vintage glass lamp will look elegant in almost any room you display it in. Top and bottom globes are frosted looking except where there pattern is. The pattern looks like a flower stalks, and the leaves and flowers are a bunch of raised dots. Has long and short prisms hanging around middle.
Has been completly rewired, and has a long 6 foot cord. Looks stunning on an old buffet or dresser.
about 15 1/2``H X 4 1/2`` Diameter
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Vintage Look Hat Stands 21.99
Vintage look hat stands are made from twisted wire with a vintage ivory finish. Embossed leaves and roses accent this fun piece. Can be used for hats, or wigs. 15 1/2``H x 9``D.
We have hundreds of vintage hats, variety of different colors, sizes, and makers. Also have many vintage hat boxes.
We have 10 available
$21.99 ea
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White Coffee Table 89.99
Fantastic, fun white Coffee Table has a indentation for glass top which is included. Looks great with vintage hankies, old postcards, or family photos. White paint has lots of great scratches, scapes and dents ooh so Shabby Chic.
28``L X 18 1/2``W X 15 3/4``H
only $89.99
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Vintage Rose Print 110
Beautiful vintage Rose Print is in a gorgeous old wood frame.
Cannot find a signature on this print filled with white, light orange, and purplish flowers mostly all roses. Print also has many shades of green, with many textures, and types of leaves.
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2 Vintage Picnic Jugs 29.99
2 great picnic jugs, one green plaid, one red plaid, and both with glass inserts.
Red picnic jug is in very good condition. Label on front of jug says 'Sealtite Picnic Jug one half gallon, Crumarco Products of St Louis, Mo'On bottom it is stamped '
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Arcadia Florida Clothing 21.95
Blue and dark green Arcadia, Fl. T shirts and Sweatshirts has Arcadia Fl. embroidered in white, under that is a red strip, under that one is 2 white strips, under that white is another red strip. 3 cherries and 2 green leaves are on one side of the strip
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Cherry Hill Antiques Clothing 11.95
Cherry Hill Antiques T shirts. Comes in red or white. Both have embroidered Cherry Hill Antiques, under that is cherries, and under that is Arcadia, Fl. White T shirts have a clump of 5 cherries and leaves, and the red T shirts have 3 small bunches. Each
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Clock Cookie Jar Ornament 9.99
These fun mini retro looking cookie jar ornament are a must for any tree.
Made out of glass and are handpainted, they are miniture replicas of vintage cookie jars, and include string to hang by. Look great on a white tree, but adorable on any tree. Ma
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Hat Stands 19.99
Vintage look hat stands are made from twisted wire with a vintage ivory finish. Embossed leaves and roses accent this fun piece. Can be used for hats, or wigs. 15 1/2'H x 9'D. We ran out last month, but good news, we have more in stock. Buy one or many.
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One Of Many Great Booths
We have many fine dealers, which carry many styles and prices of furniture, glasssware, linens, vintage clothing, and so much more I can't list it all. Some of the glassware Cherry Hill dealers carry is Royal Doulton, Fenton, Imperial, Fritz and Floyd, H
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Pig Cookie Jar Ornament 9.99
Adorable pig cookie jar ornament is just so darn cute.
Made to look like a vintage cookie jar by Midwest, made of glass and includes string for hanging. Great for anyone collecting retro items or a great beginning for a retro tree.
3 3/4'H X 2 1/4'
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Retro Clock Ornament 7.5
These retro clock ornament will take you back in time.
Reproduction miniture vintage look clock ornaments are made by Midwest and come in theree colors. These vintage colors are light green, red, and light yellow. They are so much fun. Clocks come as s
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Handmade Fishing Santa 49.99
Wonderful handmade soft sculpture Fishing Santa is a must for all Santa collectors.
Handmade by Soft Sculpture Artist and Designer Lois Washicheck for the Famous ``Marc Art`` collection.
Santa`s suit is made from red corduroy, his black boots from fabric, wool beard, bag full of gifts, bucket full of fish and a twinkle in his eyes. Under one arm he has a bag full of toys, fabric candy canes, and small evergreen tree, under the other he is holding a large fabric fish. Sitting next to him is a metal bucket with seashells, fabric fish, bobber, and small fishing pole in it. Santa is weighted so he can sit on bench, stool, shelf or in childs chair. Looks so cute.
Tag says ``Santa paused on his mission. Santa is not child proof and is a decorating accessory.``
about 34`` (laying down).
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Handmade Gingerbread Couple 29.99
Adorable handmade Gingerbread couple is a must for all Christmas decorating.
Handmade by Soft Sculpture Artist and Designer Lois Washicheck for the Famous ``Marc Art`` Collection. They are not child proof and are for decorative use only.
Gingerbread people and their clothing are all handmade. Mr is holding a beater, and Mrs is holding a rolling pin. They are all ready to go to work with there big grins, and proper clothing. He has his chef hat on, and she has her bloomers and apron (with pocket) on. Their clothing is a plaid with small gingerbread pattern. Cute as a button.
Mr Gingerbread about 20``L (laying down)
Mrs Gingerbread about 16``l (laying down).
$29.99 ea
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Morris Moose 49.99
This adorable moose is all dressed up to get adopted.
Morris is made from painted fabric, with all handmade clothing. He is wearing a white T shirt, plaid button down shirt, denum pants, belt and demun hat. It is warm so he has his pants and sleeves rolled up.
Won`t you adopt him and give him a good home. Would look great sitting on childs chair, at childs table, or just on shelf.
Made by Soft Sculpture Artist and Designer Lois Washicheck, out of fabric which she has painted.
about 35``H $49.99
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Tower Santa 42.99
This fun, and unique Santa is an original design of Marc Washicheck. This Santa is copyrighted. Made from 2`` solid Hardwood, not wood that has been glued. He is holding a bag between his open arms with greens, sticks, small wood toys, red berries, and babys breath which softens the look. One arm is holding a stick with wood holly leaves hanging off of it, and other hand has wood stockings hanging from it. Sack on his back is heaping with green, sticks, wood ball, wood sock, small wood toys, red berries, babys breath with wood holly leaves, and a Raffia bow finishing the look. His face is 3 demonsional with a ball nose, wood mustach, and a twinkle in his blue eyes. There are 3 wood gifts, and a wood ball sitting on stand.
All is antiqued for the vintage look, and will fit in perfectly with Antiques.
This is an original Design of Folk Art Designer, Folk Art Artist Marc Washicheck for his Famous ``Marc Art`` Collection, and is signed and dated.
Takes about 10 to complete.
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Black Onyx Pin 39.99
The classic look of Black Onyx, Sterling Silver and Marcasite come together in this ``Bow Tie`` pin.
This new pin has the Sterling Silver mark on back, and has a vintage look. Will go with anything. Also available in Mother Of Pearl.
about 2``L X 1 1/8``W
Grat Price $39.99
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Garnet Earrings 39.99
Beautiful Garnet, Marcasite and Sterling Silver earrings will look great on you.
These are for pierced ears, are new, but have a vintage look. Has Sterling Silver mark on back. Each earring has 7 stones on each.
about 5/8`` diameter each
$39.99 pair
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Larimar Ring With Leaf 34.99
This ring`s Larimar stone is light blue with white mottling and is absolutely gorgeous. Larimar is found on a side of a volcano in Dominican Republic. Ring is new, but has vintage look. There is a Silver Leaf on side of stone, which adds so much interest. Made with Sterling Silver, has the Sterling mark on back, and can be sized by Jeweler. A very, very pretty ring.
Size 6 1/2
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Mother Of Pearl Pin 39.99
Beautiful Mother Of Pearl ``Bow Tie`` pin is so great.
Made from Sterling Silver (has Silver mark), Mother Of Pearl and Marcasite. This new pin has a vintage look, and will be stunning on any blouse or dress. Also available in Black Onyx.
about 2``L X 1 1/8``W
Great Price $39.99
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Oval Black Onyx Ring 44.99
Beautiful Oval Black Onyx and Marcasite Ring is new, but has a great vintage look. This is made from Sterling Silver so it can be sized by a Jeweler. This is a oversized ring which is very popular now.
Onyx was very popular with the ancient Greeks and Romans. The name comes from the Greek word ``Onux``
Top about 1 1/4``L X 1``W
Size 6 1/2
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Oval Larimar Ring 49.99
Beautiful Larimar and Sterling Silver Ring is new, but has the vintage look. Has Sterling mark on it. Has a rope decoration around base of stone.
Larimar is only found on the side of a volcano in Dominican Republic. Has beatuiful blueish color with white marbling.
Stone 1 5/8``L Size 6
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Oval Marcasite Ring 39.99
Beautiful oval Marcasite ring is size 7 1/2.
This beautiful new ring is made from Sterling Silver with Sterling mark on inside. Sterling can be sized by Jewelers. This is an oversized ring, which is really in right now. Has a vintage look. Marcasite is so pretty.
Top of ring 1 1/2`` X 3/4`` size 7 1/2
Great price $39.99
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Oval Peridot Ring 39.99
Beautiful oval Peridot and Marcasite ring.
Ring is new, but has vintage look, is made from Sterling Silver, and has the silver mark on inside. Has 12 heart shaped stones around edge with Marcasite in middle. Peridot is the birthstone for August. Very beautiful green color. Sterling Silver can be sized by Jewelers.
Top 1 1/8`` X 5/*``W Size 6
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Pearl Bracelet 42.99
Gorgeous Pearl and Marcasite bracelet is made from Sterling Silver, and has the Sterling Silver mark.
This new bracelet has the vintage look, and will look great by itself or with other Pearl jewelry. Has 12 pearls on this 7`` bracelet. Can be used at any size.
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Rectangler Citrine Ring 45.99
This Citrine Ring is made from Steling Silver, and Marcasite, is new, but has vintage look.
Has Sterling mark on band, and can be sized by Jeweler. Citrine is considered an alternative to Topaz as the birthstone for November. This yellow Citrine Stone is such a beautiful yellow color.
Size 6 1/4
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Rhinestone Brooch 26.99
The vintage Rhinestones in this Brooch really sparkle, and have a beautiful yellowish shine to them.
Can`t find any makers mark on it, and don`t know the age. This vintage Brooch has 35 stones in it. Would look great on any outfit.
about 1 3/4`` diameter
Great Price $ 26.99
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Single Pearl Ring 24.99
Dainty Sterling Silver and Pearl Ring is in the shape of a knot (sort of).This new ring is great for a pinky finger, and Pearls will go with everything. Has vintage look, has Sterling mark on back, and can be sized by Jeweler.
2 available
size 6 3/4 and 7 1/2
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Triangler Peridot Ring 49.99
Trangler Peridot with Marcasite ring is a real beauty.
This stunning ring is made of Sterling Silver has the Sterling mark, and because it is Sterling, can be sized by a Jeweler. The Peridot and Marcasite is so bright and sparking, you`ll need sunglasses. Ring is new, but has vintage look. If you love green, this ring is for you.
Stone about 3/3`` X 3/8``
Size 6 1/2``
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